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Kiosk Solutions - XE88 Kiosk

The XE88 Kiosk has become the most innovative and user-friendly kiosk software in the industry today. One can use the XE88 kiosk software to execute orders, integrate multiple purchase devices such as card readers, credit card, magnetic strip and several cards at the same time. The kiosk also gives customers the freedom to place their orders, compare prices of different products, and select several products at one time. The technology used in the XE88 kiosk is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and one’s own creativity.

The XE88 software is most cost effective, simple to install and to use. It only requires limited space and minimal storage space on your company’s computer server. Also, the kiosk itself is portable and can be moved to a new location without any problem. No installation or IT technical knowledge is required to operate the kiosk. A simple user interface gives complete control to the user. With the XE88 agent, a purchase order can be entered, which makes the entire transaction more convenient and easier. Customers can also choose to pick up the purchased items in an ATM and pay at a bank or anywhere they want to use the payment terminals.

The XE88 software is available in three versions. A trial version is provided free of cost and comes with three free software updates for one year. With this trial version, users can try the application for a short period of time before buying it. In case the user finds the application to be defective, he can contact the seller for a full refund within the first seven days of using the software. With the trial version, the user can enjoy the benefits of this innovative software without committing to a long term subscription. After a short period of usage, the user should decide if he wants to buy the software package to stay updated with the latest updates.