IM Esports Predicts Online E-Sports Popularity

IM eSports, one of the new types of betting. For gamers, in particular, IM eSports is betting on the outcome of e-Sports events or gaming events. IM eSports offers a wide variety of games. Allows you to choose to place bets such as DOTA2, Joker123Playngo, LOL, CSGO, Valorant, Rov, or even the most popular games like PUBG, plus there is also a live broadcast to watch while betting.

Betting on each game There may be differences according to the game type, for example, LOL can be placed in a variety of bets such as wins and losses, the first team that loses the tower, the first team that can kill the dragon, or the CSGO game that can be placed. Bet on the match result, 1st half, 2nd half, a team that can collect the most bombs, etc.

Parlay Betting Like placing a step bet, let’s bet on football betting. Is to choose to place multiple bets or a variety of games that are single bets. If all bets are correctly placed, the player will receive more payouts than normal bets as well.

im sports

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