Comparison of Traditional Sports Betting. Virtual Sports Betting: Which Is Best?

Virtual Sports Betting

There is no doubt that sports betting is a huge global market worth billions of dollars. This form of live betting allows bettors to predict the outcome of sports events such as football, tennis, rugby, racing, and horse racing.

But Covid-19 has exposed the weakness of sports betting. After most sports events were suspended last year, operators had to rely on virtual sports betting to make ends meet. But does it offer the same chance of winning as traditional sports betting?

What Are Virtual Sports Betting?

Virtual sports betting is similar to sports games in real life. While virtual sports do not involve betting on actual events, they feature computer software simulating players, horses, or cars. In layman’s terms, this is like betting on the outcome of a video game.

Generally speaking, players can bet on tennis, horse racing, football matches, etc. Simulations usually come with 3D graphics to simulate real-life experiences.

Similarities Between The Two

What are some similarities between traditional sports betting and virtual sports betting? First of all, both bets are made using computers or mobile phones.

But this is the obvious point. Players use legal tender in the virtual movement like live bet casinos or sports betting. Therefore, you must fund your betting account to predict the outcome of your favorite sports.

A similarity is that both types of bets are available. Generally, both types of gambling offer similar bets. They include:

  • Double chance
  • Money line
  • Spread
  • up and down
  • If you choose one of the above bets in virtual or traditional sports betting, you can rest assured that the odds are the same. For example, if you bet $100, a team with an odds of 10 will give you $1,000.

In addition, sports betting and online casinos provide bonuses for two types of gambling. After registering for a betting account, you may receive a generous welcome bonus in the form of battle bonuses or free bets. Then, you need to meet the bonus turnover requirements to withdraw funds. Overall, there are 1,001 similarities between virtual sports and real sports betting.


Although there are many similarities, these forms of gambling are also very different. First, the results of conventional sports betting are determined by athletes in real life. So, if you are lucky, your favorite team may provide an overwhelming performance and earn you money. It is possible that they will not always appear.

Since humans do not participate in virtual sports in real life, the result is determined by RNG. RNG (Random Number Generator) works behind the scenes, producing billions of random results every minute. But of course, the results of traditional sports games are also random. Nevertheless, this does not guarantee freedom from interference from outside interests.

Finally, unlike real sports that last longer, virtual games are completed in about a minute. The reason is that virtual sports only show the highlights of the digital game. For example, football fans will only see the highlights, basic moves, and excellent saves. Then, you will see the final score after the highlight and understand your destiny.

Virtual Sports Betting Tips

If you are avid sports betting player, you do not need to introduce anything here. That’s because things are relatively the same. For example, you can use a “weak team” strategy, which involves gambling on teams that have lost a cold streak. If a team loses five times on the trot, there is no reason to bet.

In addition, you can start with a small bet and gradually increase when your profit reaches 25% or more. It is important to keep in mind that winning in virtual sports or even online gambling takes patience.


Compared to traditional sports betting, virtual sports betting is a great alternative. This is easy to understand, and the results will not be revealed forever like sports betting.

However, the lack of human interaction in real life gives conventional sports betting a slight advantage. As we all know, some punters do not believe the RNG results. Nevertheless, it is close enough to traditional gambling.

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