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Android Apps in Browser? 918kiss
Yes, - Here is How

The company is quite a new one, but the concept is one that has existed in the Android and iPhone spaces for a long time now. They are currently running an “Indiegogo” campaign for their next Android app, which is now taking form as the 918kiss Club. The idea here is to allow people to try out Android applications in the browser and see how it works before downloading it to their devices.

Here is what you need to know about this new platform: It has all of the components of its predecessors; both the Pocket Android Market, and AppCenter, the same components as before except with an extra-long extension. The difference is that this extension is nearly double the length of these two applications. This means you can browse the web and download a few apps before finding the one you want, but then you have to do it again.

The 918kiss Club can be used either to download or install apps directly from the site. After all, it is an Android application, so once downloaded, it will still be in your device’s data base. With this type of application, you can set up different profiles within the application like 3win8 , liv22 so you will be able to use the same app on multiple devices, but different one at a time. You can also choose different profiles so that you can choose different applications.